Ristorante Kubotsu




Open from 25 January 2018!
In Fukuoka, where goods, information and culture
from all of Kyushu come together,
Ristorante Kubotsu presents the unique attractions
of Kyushu through fine cuisine.


The Italian restaurant offering
“the finest food in Kyushu right now”

The great attraction of Italian cuisine lies in its strongly local character, which is rooted in the local climate and conditions and can only be experienced on the spot.

At Ristorante Kubotsu, Chef Tomoki Kubotsu carefully combines ingredients supplied by trusted producers across Kyushu to create delicate dishes that bring out their delicious flavours.


Experience the new wonder of
local ingredients with all five senses

The Kubotsu style combines wonderful local ingredients from Kyushu with the very best foodstuffs from around Japan and overseas to create new gastronomic delights.

Every dish is created with careful attention to the way the food is arranged on the plate, texture, aroma and balance of flavours, so that every moment, from when you sit down to eat, to when you take your first bite and taste the wine with your food, is filled with surprise and wonder.


An elegant space decorated
with the traditional crafts of Kyushu

The interior design incorporates traditional Kyushu crafts, allowing guests to experience the unique traditions and culture of Kyushu and the skills of master craftsmen at first hand, enjoying delicious food while surrounded by beautiful things that fill the heart with joy.

Crafts such as Karatsu ware, which has been made for more than 400 years, Hakata weaving, which was presented as tribute to the Shogun, and Ohkawa kumiko latticework, which changes like a kaleidoscope according to the light and the direction it is viewed from, bring a special warmth and beauty to the décor.



Tomoki Kubotsu was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1983. He joined Hiramatsu, Inc. in 2003 and was initially assigned to Ristorante Aso in Tokyo’s Daikanyama district, becoming sous-chef in 2009. In 2011 he moved to the newly opened Ristorante Aso Tenjin, becoming head chef in 2014.

Restaurant bearing his name, Ristorante Kubotsu.


Experience the magic of Kyushu
with all five senses

In 2011, when I returned to my native Kyushu to help establish this new restaurant, my first priority was to meet local food producers around Kyushu.
From fresh seafood and luscious, richly flavoured produce to meat from livestock raised in magnificent natural surroundings, Kyushu is a culinary treasure house, where each and every ingredient reflects the passion its producers have for their work.

My aim, in the new setting of Ristorante Kubotsu, is to create a restaurant that offers our guests the opportunity to enjoy the magic of Kyushu with all five senses.
I aim to do justice to all the wonderful, delicious foodstuffs I encounter, focusing on the seasons when they are at their very best, and strive to bring out the delicious flavours and fun that can only experienced there and then.
I hope our cuisine will make you fall even more deeply in love with Kyushu.


Ristorante Kubotsu

Resola Tenjin 4F, 2-5-55, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka MAP

LUNCH- 11:30〜15:00(13:30 L.O.)

DINNER- 17:30〜22:00(20:00 L.O.)

CLOSED- Every Tuesday(Open on national holidays and will close on the next day)